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Lip Color

This gloss-and-go procedure can appear to change the size and shape of lips as well as enhance lip color. It adds definition and fullness for a more youthful appearance. A soft brush of color similar to a newborn’s lips can be achieved for a natural look or a more defined look can be chosen. This procedure is wonderful for those of us whose lipstick bleeds into the surrounding skin. Denise recommends using a tinted lip balm to achieve your easy gloss-and-go lips.

What should I expect?

Immediately after the procedure the lips will appear slightly swollen and the color darker or brighter than your healed results. After the lips completely exfoliate (approximately four to seven days), they will be very dry and chapped. Because of this, they may appear very pale. Three to four weeks later the color will reappear, and a second appointment should then be scheduled. Lips are a thick tissue and will require two appointments to achieve a good saturation of color.

Please note: A dark lipstick look cannot be achieved. Lips may feel chapped for several weeks after your appointment. It is recommended to keep them well moisturized. During the healing period. You will need to follow your Aftercare instructions. After you’ve healed, use a tinted lip balm preferably containing 30-50 SPF to protect against the sun’s UV rays which will fade your lip color.
Important note: If a person has ever had cold sores/herpes, an anti-viral prescription is needed either from your dentist or doctor prior to getting permanent lip color applied.
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