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Denise Onstad

When it comes to the very personal decision to undergo permanent cosmetic makeup procedures, you want someone who is caring, professional, and not only an expert technician but an artist as well. For years top physicians, skin care specialists, clinics and salons have entrusted Denise with their patient’s care. Her objective is to enhance the look a person already has, create what they wish they had or diminish what they wish wasn’t there.

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Permanent cosmetic solutions

Achieve Flawless Makeup Without the Daily Routine

Finally, do the things you’ve always wanted to do without having to worry about your makeup. Gain self-esteem, self-confidence, allow for a more active lifestyle and personal freedom, as well as save time. People with brow hair loss or asymmetrical features, people who struggle with traditional cosmetics for many reasons can benefit from these procedures. Permanent makeup is the solution when allergic to cosmetics, sensitive to contact lenses, having visual impairments or unsteady hands. Denise Onstad is the professional, experienced and educated technician you want to trust with your appearance. Your safety and wellbeing is important to Denise. She works in a clinical office environment and prepares you before your visit and guides you through the healing process after your procedure. Click on any of the images below to take a closer look at our portfolio of services.

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