About Permanent Makeup
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About Permanent Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these actually tattoos

Call them what you want but they are all tattoos. Tattooing is a medical term that states, “Making an indelible mark in the skin”, which means making a permanent or semi-permanent mark on your skin. There is a lot of confusion today around the permanence of various applications, such as Microblading, which is done manually using a hand tool versus state of the art digital machines. While all of these techniques fall under the term of “tattooing” they have different levels of permanence. It is clear that implanting more pigment with a particular technique will have longer lasting results.
Note: Permanent makeup pigments are specially formulated for the face, and will gently fade over time. This allows your technician to make shuttle changes to your enhancement over time.

Am I a candidate for permanent cosmetics or Microblading

Denise offers such a wide variety of permanent cosmetic techniques that it is very rare that she is unable to find the right one for your individual needs. During your initial consultation, your skin is carefully evaluated. We are dealing with the canvas of your skin, which generally will have conditions that factor in and will effect your results. Such as sun damage, excessive oily or dry skin, lifestyle, product usage etcYou will also be screened for medical conditions, personal concerns or chemical sensitivities.

Why is it so important to have Permanent Cosmetics applied in a clinical environment

During a permanent cosmetic procedure, the skin is penetrated leaving the client vulnerable to infection, unless the environment is safe and clinical. Beauty service locations that offer a variety of treatments such as artificial nails, hair treatments, facials and spray tanning, do what they do best; however, these are not clinical settings. These services can stimulate chemicals and dust that may enter into the open skin. Also, an establishment that offers many services does not specialize in permanent makeup. WakeUp MadeUp was designed for the sole purpose of applying permanent makeup in a safe, clinical setting. This is our specialty. It’s all we do!

I have little or no eyebrow hair; can you do something that won’t look “drawn on”

In a word, YES. Merging art and science Denise uses the right method for your needs to simulate a natural brow. She has many different techniques to create the best brow for you, whether you want to enhance thin or sparse brows, have no eyebrow hair, or if you have Alopecia, Denise can use a technique or a combination of techniques to give you your desired result. Please see the Brows page for further information about your options.

How safe is the procedure

Denise prides herself on her impeccable record of safety. She uses only sterile, single-use instruments. To further reduce the risk of contamination or spread of disease during the procedure, she also wears surgical gloves.

Is the procedure painful

Denise applies only the finest topical anesthetic to desensitize the skin and minimize discomfort. Clients tell us it’s about as painful as having your eyebrows tweezed. Your safety and comfort are her top priority. You will have the opportunity to converse about your personal concerns and needs.

How long does it take

The length of the procedure and number of visits vary according to the complexity of the client’s specific needs. But generally, it will take two to three hours for the first visit. Follow up appointments generally take one to two hours.

What should I expect after the procedure

The procedure involves depositing tiny amounts of pigment into the skin, a process that usually results in a little swelling and redness, lasting a few hours to a few days. These effects depend upon the procedure and area treated. During the first week after the procedure, you can also expect some sloughing or exfoliating of the pigment, which is normal. Your procedure area will lighten and soften significantly. Over the next few weeks, the color will continue to undergo subtle changes as the skin heals. In fact, it may be a month or more before the true color is visible (especially on the lips).

Although your permanent makeup will not wash off, you will experience exfoliating during the healing process and then fading over time. This normal fading over time will require a maintenance touch-up or color refresher, usually within one to two years depending on which procedure you chose. Please note that Microblading procedure will require more frequent maintenance touch-ups.

When do I come back to refresh my procedure and how long does it last

Maintenance will be required to refresh the color usually between one to two years. We offer courtesy pricing for maintenance on our own work but cannot extend the same courtesy to work done by others.

The terms used in Permanent Cosmetics can be confusing. Here are the basics. Your 1st procedure will probably be called an “initial, new or original” procedure. It may come with a “free” follow-up in about four to six weeks. Clients that do not take advantage of scheduling these “follow-ups” within the prescribed timeline may be charged a fee.

After the initial procedure(s) has been completed, if you are going to maintain your makeup, you will need to schedule a “maintenance touch-up”. A maintenance touch-up should be done before the makeup has faded too much, less than two years. However Microblading is an exception, please read the Microblading specific information below. As we all know lighter colors fade faster than darker colors, this is why brows that are light in color will fade faster. Touch-ups are billed at a lower cost than the initial fee. If too much time has passed or if you’ve decided to change your original design, you may need to start the process over and the lower rates of a maintenance touch up would not apply.

For Microblading specifically, results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee exactly how long it will last, though typically you will need maintenance touch ups more frequently. You always have the option to add additional techniques to add more pigment to your procedure.

What colors do you normally use

Denise is an expert at creating custom blend colors for each individual’s specific needs. The pigments used are created specifically for the face and blended to create the right color for you, with special attention to your undertones. They are hypoallergenic and MRI safe.

What specific technique do you use

Denise uses many different techniques to apply permanent make-up, separately or in combination, to create the finest results for her clients. Please go to the Services page and visit the service you are interested in for more information about your options.

I’m still looking for peace of mind. Can anything go wrong

We have all seen failed cosmetic procedures, and it’s natural to want peace of mind. Denise has been changing faces with permanent make-up for over two decades and has never had a cosmetic disaster. Over that time she has developed her art with a level of precision that very few in her field can match. You are safe in her hands.

How do I make sure I get the look I want

When you work with Denise, you will spend time discussing what you have in mind. She will provide guidance to help you make the best possible decision in advance of the procedure. Together you will draw your brows, eyeliner, and/or lips to make sure you are both happy with the shape, thickness, and placement. Denise will use this as her pattern and those will be the designs you leave with. Additionally, she will help you choose the correct color and intensity desired before proceeding, so you can ensure you get the look you desire.