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Eyebrow Enhancement

Denise uses the most advanced techniques to create a custom look with complementary colors in a shape to best frame your face. During your consultation Denise will discuss with you the canvas of your skin. This will help determine which technique or combination of techniques will work best for you while considering the maturity of your skin, skin type, and its condition, such as sun damage, so you can reach your natural desired results. Denise can enhance the hair you have by applying color as a soft powder background to create a beautifully shaped custom brow. She may use a digital machine or the hand method to artistically add subtle hair strokes to mimic your own natural brows. If Microbladed alone, with no shading, expect your brows to fade faster than if you choose to implant more pigment. You may choose the hand method, a machine technique or a combination of hand and digital machine techniques. For those with very little or no hair in the brow, Denise likes to use a combination of techniques to create your custom look.

Call it what you will, it’s all a tattoo, including Microblading.

Permanent  Cosmetics Will Fade Over Time

It’s important to know that all versions of cosmetic tattooing are Semi-Permanent in the fact that they will fade over time. Face Pigments used in permanent cosmetics are designed to fade over time. This will allow for subtle changes over time.

Eyebrow techniques

At WakeUp MadeUp, we offer a range of eyebrow techniques that are different versions of cosmetic tattooing. Denise loves the new cutting edge HYBRID MICROBLADING COMBINATION TECHNIQUE. It combines the benefits of modern Micropigmentation and Microblading. The New Nano needle may also be used with her digital machine to create very fine hair strokes like Microblading.

The Microblading technique will appear like crisp lines in the photos taken immediately after; however approximately 40-50% of the color will exfoliate off during the healing period, resulting in a much lighter and incomplete eyebrow. Your brows will need to be strengthened at your follow up visit in six weeks. At this time together, we can evaluate your pigment retention and decide if you would benefit by adding another technique adding more color or continue with your follow up Microblading session.

Other techniques that implant more color into the skin, such as a the new HYBRID brow, Soft Powder brow, Ombre brow, or a Featherstroke brow, will last longer because there is more pigment being implanted. Additionally, the stronger hair stroke brows that Denise does with her digital machine will appear darker and bolder immediately after. Don’t be fooled by the immediately after photos. After exfoliating your brows will lighten up to 30-50% appearing much softer and natural looking. These techniques could be chosen and a better choice if you have skin issues (such as sun damage) and will need more pigment implanted for better color retention.

Hybrid/Microblading Combination Brow
This new cutting edge technique takes advantage of the New Nano needle digital technology or manual Microblading, allowing for crisp, fine lines at optimal depth. Micropigmentation gives the opportunity to add volume and texture through shading. This creates endless possibilities and is suitable for many skin types!!

Another fantastic compromise between Microblading and Powder brows, is having an initial powder fill treatment in a slightly lighter pigment, creating a custom shape as your background, followed about four to six weeks later by creating a slightly darker Nano hair stroke application over the top. This is a great way to achieve a natural hair stroke look, but with better definition and longevity than hair strokes alone on naked skin.

Microblading/ Micro With Shading Brow
This manual technique combines Microblading (and shading) if desired to give a more three-dimensional look, providing a more dense and complete shaped brow. Additional pigment can be added between the hair strokes for longer lasting results. Shading also helps to blend natural hair with Microbladed strokes. This is a good option for many people, including those who fill in their brows on a daily basis, or those with little to no brow hair. This is a natural combination that can be customized during your appointment with Denise.

Soft Powder Fill Brow
This is a great technique by itself as it fills the brow with a lighter color that creates soft shading that forms a beautiful custom shape. Because of the amount of pigment implanted, this technique will last longer than other techniques that do not implant as much color.
Note: This may be a good option if you are more mature, have skin issues such as sun damage, etc.

Featherstroke Brow
This technique utilizes shading and feathering throughout the brow, concentrating on feathering the edges to create a soft, fluffy eyebrow. When you come back for your follow-up visit, darker strokes may be added for a more dimensional brow.
Note: This may be a good option if you have skin issues.

Hair Stroke Brow
For this technique, Denise uses a digital machine with slanted needles, just like with Microblading to mimic hair strokes. This technique is suitable and may be the best option for people that may have more of a challenge retaining color due to skin type, maturity, scar tissue, sun damage, etc… Using the digital machine allows more pigment to be implanted into the skin in a more pronounced stroke so that your brows last longer. These strokes will appear darker and bolder immediately after the procedure, but they will exfoliate up to 40-50% during the healing process. Resulting in a much lighter, more natural and softer brow. Denise can be somewhat conservative on her first application as far as the darkness or intensity of your color because it is safer to see how you personally retain a somewhat lighter color and adjust as needed on your follow-up visit.

Ombre Brow
Ombre brows is a technique for clients who prefer fuller results than microbladed hair strokes can provide, but still want a soft, powdery look. This technique mimics daily makeup done with eyebrow pencil or shadow. The tails of the brow are darker and fade lighter toward the beginning of the brow, creating a soft makeup effect. This technique is perfect for those with issues such as excess oil, sun damage, etc.

What should I expect?

The typical permanent eyebrow procedure will take about two to three hours for your initial application. This includes drawing the brow design, allowing the topical anesthetic to take effect and of course applying the pigment. When you leave, your brows will be slightly swollen and tender. This will dissipate quickly. Initially, it is common to feel that your brows are too dark or bold. However, Microbladed brows will look great immediately after. The hair strokes will appear like crisp fine lines and will darken over the next couple days. They will then exfoliate over the next several days. It is common to feel your brows have gone away. This is normal and part of the healing process. As your brows heal they will reappear. Success of your color retention will be discussed at your follow up appointment. Some of the other techniques offered that implant more pigment initially will appear too dark but will completely exfoliate in about four to seven days resulting in softer, more natural looking eyebrows. During the healing period, you will be asked to follow your aftercare instructions. Four to six weeks after the procedure, your complimentary follow-up appointment should be scheduled. At this appointment your color and shape can be slightly altered if necessary. This appointment is for evaluating and perfecting.

Two treatments (initial and follow up) are offered in pricing of all cosmetic tattoo procedures.
If a second follow up (third session) is requested, there will be an additional cost.

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