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Price Guide

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Please see descriptions below for more detail.

[qode_advanced_pricing_table title_tag=”h5″ pricing_items=”%5B%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22HYBRID%2FMICROBLADING%20COMBINATION%20EYEBROWS%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22600%2B%22%7D%2C%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22SOFT%20POWDER%20FILL%20EYEBROWS%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22600%22%7D%2C%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22FEATHERSTROKE%2FHAIR%20STROKE%20EYEBROWS%20%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22600%22%7D%2C%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22MICROBLADING%2FMICRO%20WITH%20SHADING%20EYEBROWS%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22600%2B%22%7D%2C%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22OMBR%C3%89%20POWDER%20EYEBROWS%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22600%22%7D%2C%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22COMBINATION%20TECHNIQUE%20EYEBROWS%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22600%2B%22%7D%5D” currency=”$” table_title=”BROWS”]
[qode_advanced_pricing_table title_tag=”h5″ pricing_items=”%5B%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22UPPER%20EYELINER%20w%2FLASH%20ENHANCEMENT%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22500%2B%22%7D%2C%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22STANDARD%20EYELINER%20(UPPER%20%26%20LOWER)%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22600%2B%22%7D%2C%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22DESIGNERLINER%E2%84%A2%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22700%2B%22%7D%5D” table_title=”Eyeliner” currency=”$”]
[qode_advanced_pricing_table title_tag=”h5″ pricing_items=”%5B%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22LIP%20COLOR%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22800%22%7D%5D” table_title=”LIPS” currency=”$”]
[qode_advanced_pricing_table title_tag=”h5″ pricing_items=”%5B%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22DEPENDING%20ON%20NEEDS%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22PRICE%20VARIES%22%7D%5D” table_title=”CORRECTIONS” currency=”•”]
[qode_advanced_pricing_table title_tag=”h5″ pricing_items=”%5B%7B%22item_title%22%3A%22DEPENDING%20ON%20NEEDS%22%2C%22item_price%22%3A%22PRICE%20VARIES%22%7D%5D” table_title=”MAINTENANCE TOUCH-UPS” currency=”•”]
Pricing for the procedures listed above includes consultation discussion, shape customization, pigment matching, virtual technology to insure symmetry, and after care kit.

Pricing Guidelines

Because this is a relatively new field you must do your research and choose your permanent makeup specialist carefully. For instance you may find someone inexperienced with a low price or offering a Groupon, which in our field is very unprofessional; would you go to a doctor who offered Groupons? Be sure your technician is licensed by the state and has a separate facility license as well.

Almost no one has unlimited disposable income, so it’s only natural for people to seek the best price. But when you’re talking about something as personal as your face and as serious as permanent makeup, the emphasis should be on value, not price. It’s possible to find people who will do this work cheaper, but with something as important as your appearance, you must ask yourself, “is it really worth the risk to go with the lowest bidder?”. Superior training, experience and unparalleled abilities are valuable in any trade. Permanent cosmetics are no different.

The price may vary slightly, but for superior permanent makeup applied by a qualified experienced Permanent Makeup artist like Denise, you should expect to pay at least $400-$800 per procedure. After you have had your permanent makeup done by Denise you will become a preferred customer with special pricing for maintenance touch-ups. If a design change is made, you may be required to pay an additional fee as discussed. Please feel free to contact Denise for your complimentary phone consultation because each individual is unique and has specific needs, a discussion is needed to realistically determine a price for each procedure or service. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you along your journey to a confident and beautiful you.

Typical starting prices are as follows:

A basic 2-visit eyebrow enhancement generally is $600.


UPPER EYELINER w/LASH ENHANCEMENT fill is priced at $500. Then upper and lower liner ranges from thin to medium to bold all the way to a DesignerLiner™ with a graduated lift at the outside corner, if desired. Upper and lower liner can range from $600-700+ depending on what your personal goals are.


Lips are $800 as they are the most complicated and require the most talent and work. They are special unto themselves, but are well worth it when they are done. Denise doesn’t do just a lip line, she blends color from the lip line into the center of the lip to create gloss-and-go lips.


Denise also does corrections on work done by other technicians. After many years of experience Denise is skilled in the art of incorporating old, undesirable tattoos within a newly designed brow, and correct old unwanted color as well. Please visit our Corrections page for a few examples. Pricing will be discussed.

Maintenance Touch-Ups

All tattoos will fade over time, primarily due to the sun. Therefore maintenance touch-ups are needed to refresh your permanent makeup, usually within 1-2 years depending on your skin, and which procedure and technique are selected. For many procedures the fee is approximately half the original price. However, for basic Eyebrows as well as basic Eyeliner (thin to medium) the fee for annual clients is remains at $200 for up to one year and $300 for up to two years. Fading and needs will be discussed. DesignerLiner™ or bold eyeliner will start at $350+ depending on difficulty, amount of time, and fading. Lips will start at $400+.

Microblade/Combination Brow Maintenance

You may choose to add more shading or strengthen hair strokes at this time if you are not retaining color well.

A second touch-up or third session between 2 and 3 months after initial procedure is complete is meant for clients who require an additional session due to pigment retention/skin issues at a fee of $100

Follow Up Visits

Permanent makeup procedures are usually two-step procedures. Your follow up visit, approximately four to six weeks after the initial treatment, is complimentary. The entire procedure should be completed within an 8-week period, unless previously discussed. However, your follow up or perfecting appointment for Microbladed eyebrows must be scheduled 6 weeks AFTER your initial session. Please make your appointment before leaving if at all possible.

Appointment Booking

Please call 612-868-7672 for a complimentary phone consultation or to set up an appointment.
If a design change is made, you may be required to pay an upcharge to be discussed.

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