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Price Guide:

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Because this is such a relatively new field you must do your research and choose your permanent make-up specialist carefully.

Almost no one has unlimited disposable income, so it’s only natural for people to seek the best price. But when you’re talking about something as personal as your face and as serious as permanent makeup, the emphasis should be on value, not price. It’s possible to find people who will do this work cheaper, but with something as important as your appearance, you must ask yourself, “Is it really worth the risk to go with the lowest bidder?”. Top notch training, certification, experience and unparalleled abilities are valuable in any trade. Permanent cosmetics is no different.

The price may vary slightly, but for superior permanent makeup applied by a qualified experienced Permanent Makeup specialist, you should expect to pay at least $400-$750 per procedure. After you have had your permanent makeup done by Denise you will become a preferred customer with special pricing for maintenance touch ups. If a design change is made, you will be required to pay an additional fee as discussed.

Because each individual is unique and has specific needs, a discussion is needed to realistically determine a price for each procedure or service. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you along your journey to a confident and beautiful you.

Permanent Make- up procedures are usually two step procedures. Your follow up visit, approximately one month after the initial treatment, is complimentary.

The entire procedure should be completed within a three month period.

Maintenance Touch Up or Follow Up:

The terms used in Permanent Cosmetics can be confusing. Here are the basics. Your 1st procedure will probably be called an “initial, new or original” procedure. It may come with a “free” follow-up in about 4-6 weeks. Clients that do not take advantage of scheduling these “follow-ups” within the prescribed timeline may be charged a fee.

After the initial procedure(s) has been completed, if you are going to maintain your makeup, you will need to schedule a “maintenance touch up”. A maintenance touch up should be done before the makeup has faded too much, usually less than 2 years. As we all know lighter colors fade faster than darker colors, this is why brows that are light in color will fade faster. Touch ups are billed at a lower cost than the initial fee. If too much time has passed, if you decided to change your original design, or if the makeup has faded too much, you will need to start from scratch and the lower rates of a maintenance touch up would not apply.

Appointment Booking:

Please call 612-868-7672 for a complimentary phone consultation or to set up an appointment.

One hour in-office consultations are also available.

The following are included:

  • Review of medical history
  • Display of portfolio photos by Denise
  • Design and apply traditional make-up in the procedure area
  • Discuss colors, techniques and realistic solutions that will be right for you!

****If make-up was applied by another technician other than Nancy Fonfara, the medical record including: pigments, needles, method, results, etc. are requested. Please bring your treatment information to your consultation for review.

****If a design change is made, you will be required to pay an upcharge to be discussed.