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Eye Liner/Eyelash Enhancement:

It’s eye liner that never wears off or smears.  To enhance lashes, small amounts of pigment implanted at the base of the lash line build up fullness or thickness of individual preference.  Some prefer a smudged, softer appearance while others prefer a bold, definitive line.  Popular with both female and male clients. ***For men, a very soft lash line enhancement is offered.  Just a subtle addition of color is dotted around the eyes for definition.

What should I expect?

The procedure takes approximately 2 hours. Topical anesthetic is applied to desensitize the lids and make the procedure more comfortable. Immediately after the procedure your eyelids will be slightly swollen and tender. The following morning you will probably wakeup with a “good cry” look. This is normal and will last 24-48 hours. You should not wear contacts, mascara or eye shadow during the healing process, which is about 4 days. During this period you will need to apply A & D Ointment to the treated area several times a day to keep the pigment moist. Your permanent eyeliner will appear thicker and darker initially. As the area heals you will notice some of the color flaking off (exfoliating). This is normal and to be expected. Typically, a 2nd appointment is scheduled 4-6 weeks later.

Permanent_Eyeliner_1 Permanent_Eyeliner_2 Permanent_Eyeliner_7 Permanent_Eyeliner_3 Permanent Eyeliner DesignerLiner Permanent Eyeliner DesignerLiner 2 Permanent_Eyeliner_5 Permanent_Eyeliner_4