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Corrections and Secondary Work:

Are your permanent eyebrows uneven, misshaped , blue or a peculiar shade of orange?  Has your lip color turned mauve or blue?  Are you unhappy with your lip, eye or brow design?  Denise specializes in color correction and secondary work.  Often the client, who comes to us for secondary work, originally decided to go to a practitioner base solely on cost or convenience.  Please don’t make this mistake!  The least expensive technician or the one who advertises the most is not necessarily the most experienced.  Do not leave your appearance to chance.  Please contact us first for a personal consultation.  Correcting someone else’s work can be complex, time consuming and, often times, costly.

Correcting someone else's work: Please be aware that the "before" photos were previous work by other technicians that needed to be fixed. Multiple visits may be required to achieve desired results.

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